Neve 8058 Console
updated signal path, 16 added Neve mix inputs for 44 inputs, 28 31102 mic pre/Eq's. 32264a compressor/limiters, full 48 track wired mini patch bay.

Radar II
24 track hard disk recorder.

Studer A-800
2-inch analog recorder. 16 or 24 track heads.

Pro-tools 24 mix
connected by 16 AES digital lines to Radar. Lots of plug-ins.

DB technologies
AD122a/d converter

6 schoeps 221 tube variable pattern
4 Nuemann KM54 tube
2 Nuemann U-47 tube
1 Nuemann U-47 fet
1 RCA KU3A ribbon
2 Beyer M160 ribbon
AKG D112
2 AKG 421
1 Beyer M88 dynamic
6 Shure SM 57
Plus more

Reverb and FX

Yamaha Rev-!reverb
Quantec QRS reverb
H-3000 harmonizer
2 Roland SDE 3000 delays
1 Roland SRV 3000 reverb

Limiters and EQ

2 Urei 1176 black face compressors
2 DBX 160 compressors
1 Massenburg EQ 8200
2 Pultec EQH-2


Twin Tannoy SRM 10-customized with Tannoy subs, powered by Crown Macro Reference

16 headphones, AKG and Fostex
AKG mic stands
all necessary cabling
Power amps BGW, Bryston, Dynakit, EV
Full Shop
Propane-powered audio quality back-up generator

Hammond B-3, Wurlitzer piano, Yamaha upright piano, Gretsch drums, Guitars, amps, keyboards, Samplers, hand drumspercussionon, Roland electronic drums.

Some microphones and some instruments may not be included.